RPS Defense

Remotely Piloted Solutions, LLC (RPS [Defense]), a leading provider in defense services headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is excited to announce GSA ASTRO award for Pool 1 Data Operations. ASTRO is a contract vehicle for research, development, maintenance, support and operation of manned, optionally manned and unmanned platforms and robotics systems. ASTRO was created to meet the requirements of warfighters and scoped in collaboration with U.S. Combatant Commands and is intended to supplement DoD capabilities to ensure interoperability, flexibility and assurance on the modern-day battlefield.

“RPS [Defense] is pleased to add ASTRO Pool 1 to our portfolio of contract vehicles. The award will enable RPS [Defense] to continue to execute its growth strategy and deliver capabilities to the warfighter,” said RPS [Defense] CEO Blake Stovall.

RPS [Defense] is continuing to broaden the capabilities offered in the defense market. Having grown the business in the flight services sector, RPS [Defense] now delivers on flight training, test and evaluation, intelligence, weapons and maintenance programs.

“RPS [Defense]’s reputation for first-class performance across multiple mission sets will continue to set us apart from the competition, and the ASTRO award is the next step in the RPS [Defense] journey,” said Phil Jones, Chief Strategy Officer. “Supporting our customers with an agile and responsive team delivering exceptional value around the globe is core to our success here at RPS [Defense].”

About RPS [Defense]

Remotely Piloted Solutions, LLC (RPS [Defense]) is a leading provider of C5ISR services and mission solutions headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 2013. Since its founding, RPS [Defense] has grown from a small team of just 10 employees to a cadre of professionals performing on programs around the globe. Every hour of every day, RPS [Defense] staff support the execution of ISR missions, capturing valuable data that informs strategic decisions and saves lives. Throughout RPS [Defense]’s rapid growth, the company’s vision has remained to provide customers with the highest levels of support in the pursuit of becoming leaders in comprehensive aviation services.