RPS Defense

Flight Operations
Unmatched Experience, Flawless Execution

With over 70 aircrew and combined experience of over 250,000 flight hours across a vast array of aircraft, RPS  Defense is uniquely equipped to lead, manage and execute flight operations and UAS services around the globe.

Offering turn-key operations solutions and proven end-to-end performance in both manned and unmanned flight operations, RPS Defense delivers a mix of capability, agility and acumen that no other contractor can.

From Launch & Recovery Element (LRE) and Mission Control Element (MCE) operations to logistics support, training development and conduct, and test planning and execution, we offer solutions backed by more experience than many of our competitors combined.

Whether you require qualified crew members at Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated (GOCO) locations or operations from Contractor-Owned, Contractor-Operated (COCO) facilities, RPS Defense flight operations have demonstrated experience and proven success. Our operations are consistently highlighted through customer praise and exceptional CPARS ratings. 

RPS Defense Flight Operations in Action

RPS Defense was the only operator entrusted to fly real-world operational missions with one of the most requested and sophisticated ISR wide-area surveillance sensing systems in the Department of Defense arsenal.

RPS Defense collected over 50,000 flight hours of special mission payload GEOINT, providing a tactical and strategic forensic capability unrivaled by any other DoD intelligence sensing system.

Our unique understanding of sensor capabilities was so profound that for over three years, RPS Defense was the sole contractor providing resident liaison officers in the Combined Air Operations Center, delivering on-site subject matter expertise to warfighting commanders and operators. Combined with RPS Defense’s all-source intelligence analysts, the full life-cycle of GEOINT is an expertise that only RPS Defense can deliver.

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