RPS Defense


AS-9100/ISO-9001 Certified


FAA License Certification

As pilots with decades of experience and expertise, the RPS Defense flight team holds appropriate FAA Certification under CFR 14 Part 61, CFR 14 Part 107 or both.
Additionally, many flight profiles require an FAA issued Certificate of Waiver or Authorization. Our team has been granted dozens of these authorizations over the years to continue to provide uninterrupted, safe, and legal services to our clients as the laws governing UAS operations continue to evolve.
As an early recipient of a “333 Exemption” (FAA-2014-0781), RPS Defense was one of the first companies authorized to fly UAS for commercial purposes in the NAS. Regardless of the changing UAS landscape, RPS Defense keeps the bar high, maintaining qualifications far beyond the base Part 107 certification.

OSHA Compliance

RPS Defense maintains OSHA compliant safety programs.

AS9100/ISO9001 Certification

AS9100 is an international quality management and compliance standard that ensures aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers have adequate quality management systems in place.

As a company certified exclusively for unmanned aircraft system aircrew training and support, RPS Defense is dedicated to offering superior safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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