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Engineering & Technical Support
Engineering the Future of Warfighting
Complementing our exceptional operations acumen, RPS Defense is committed to maximizing warfighting capabilities by providing engineering expertise during the system design process.
When new systems are fielded in an agile fashion employing agile development, a solid engineering approach is essential—which is just what RPS Defense delivers.
Today’s ISR aircraft require a basket of tools for warfighters to exploit. All of these systems are constrained by size, weight, and power requirements on an aircraft with an overriding priority on in-flight endurance. Our engineers are experts in assessing the available tradeoffs when selecting systems, then ensuring they provide synergistic capabilities that exceed the specs. RPS Defense has been providing these solutions for one of our special customers for over two years.

Well-positioned to deliver engineering support far into the future, RPS Defense engineers were recently selected by a leading future unmanned aircraft contender to provide usability systems engineering to streamline launch and recovery operations.

Our engineering expertise, dedication to operational excellence, and distinctive insight into the combat application of airborne systems enable the graceful transition of transformational and disruptive combat capabilities from prototype and demonstration evaluations to real-world military operations. 

RPS Defense Engineering & Tech Support Solutions in Action

The MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft programs have always been pushed to deliver warfighting capability as rapidly as possible. RPS Defense was asked to stand up MQ-9 combat air patrols with a next generation ground control station. Problem was, the technical data was incomplete.

Most companies would balk at the risk of proceeding, but RPS Defense took on the challenge. Leveraging the operational acumen of our front-line pilots and sensor operators, we stood up a vital ISR orbit many months earlier than would otherwise be possible, providing the warfighter with intelligence it needed yesterday rather than tomorrow.
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