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Flight Testing Solutions
Testing the Promise of Advancing Technology
New platforms represent a considerable life cycle investment.
As aviation, intelligence and munitions systems continue to advance and modernize, mission success depends heavily upon the ability of new technologies to meet evolving requirements and perform as designed (and as advertised).
RPS Defense provides world-class flight test operations, leveraging our deep knowledge and experience developing, validating and executing test plans to ensure our customers’ newest technologies deliver the capabilities required for tomorrow’s missions.
From test planning to execution, RPS Defense provides all the supporting infrastructure for a large scale, real-world test enterprise designed to ensure the success of every mission.
RPS Defense flight testing capabilities include:
RPS Defense Flight Testing Services in Action

RPS Defense flight testing team authored an in-depth, 233-page test plan. Not only did the plan meet the Edwards Air Force Base’s stringent documentation requirements, it was also uniquely tailored for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) test mission.

This test plan format was officially recognized by AFRL as a best practice and instituted AFRL-wide for all of its future test missions. The plan not only mitigated technical and safety risk for developmental programs, but also for hundreds of future test flights, setting the standard throughout AFRL.

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