RPS Defense

Munitions SUPPORT
A Proven Leader in Munitions System Integration
With successful armament systems and munitions solutions deployed around the globe, RPS Defense is a recognized leader in munitions system integration, testing, loading, training and curriculum creation.
Whether outfitting manned aircraft or unmanned combat aerial vehicles, our munitions support services emphasize repeatable processes and safety, with checks every step of the way to ensure accountability, redundancy, and quality of work.
Averaging over 28 years of individual munitions systems experience, the RPS Defense team has assembled, tested, integrated, and loaded a multitude of guided and unguided munitions, including:
Our munitions system experts have vast experience with multiple aircraft platforms, including A-10, B-1B, B-52, F-15, F-16, MQ-1, MQ-9 and Predator C.

RPS Defense has demonstrated experience in Electronic Countermeasures threat detection integration, as well as the fielding of special purpose payloads on MQ-variants military UAV aircraft.

RPS Defense Munitions Support in Action

With deep knowledge and experience supporting AC-208 and MC-208 munitions and  ground operations, RPS Defense has provided support to government customers in both prime and subcontractor roles around the globe. 

When tasked by a government customer to integrate the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System, develop munitions loading procedures, and provide aircraft testing procedures on the AC-208 aircraft, RPS Defense delivered all within four weeks. 

We created a curriculum and deployed the munitions system to the combat theater of operations while simultaneously providing direct mission support and classroom instruction, hands-on training, and oversight to both USAF Air Advisors and allied Air Force personnel.

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