RPS Defense

Flight Training
Comprehensive Training with the Mission in Mind
RPS Defense provides comprehensive course development, training, and performance management for any manned aircraft or UAV mission.
From qualification training for all GOCO aircrew to on-site continuation training, weapons handling and loading and commercial RPA pilot training, RPS Defense delivers expert instruction for any mission.
RPS Defense instructors and evaluators develop well-planned training curricula and clear, concise courseware. Our effective methods of measurement ensure student performance and instruction quality, resulting in increased efficiency and improved operational safety.
Our seasoned RPA pilot instructors have trained hundreds of military crew members, delivering thousands of hours of instruction. With years of operational experience, RPS Defense instructors have helped frame and create capability within the unmanned training pipeline.
RPS Defense Flight Training Services in Action
RPS Defense distinguished itself in supporting Aircrew Training and Courseware Development (CAT/CWD) conducted at both Creech and Holloman Air Force bases. RPS Defense administered academic, training device, and live flying instruction for the MQ-9 major weapons system (MWS).

Additionally, RPS Defense instructors supported the creation and maintenance of formal training plans, syllabi, event instructor guides, and continuation training. Our highly qualified aircrew provided unique experience and insight to formal  course students and permanent party aircrew to ensure the full development and comprehension of learning objectives, including strategic and tactical objectives for task-oriented events. 

Our in depth understanding of the MQ-9 MWS and its application within the tactical and strategic battlespace has made RPS Defense a unique forerunner within the MQ-9 formal training and operational environment.
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