RPS Defense

a history
Laser-Focused on Delivering Exceptional Results
Like many successful businesses, RPS Defense was born out of an unmet need in the aviation services industry.
From their extensive military experience, founders Blake Stovall and Phil Jones recognized the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in solving a wide variety of complex problems, both in the military and commercial sectors.

RPS Defense began operations in 2013 with a small cadre of highly-skilled employees. Since then, we’ve grown into a large team of seasoned pros and ex-military specialists deployed around the globe to overcome any and all obstacles while delivering mission success.

Our focus on operational excellence drives our ability to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and our make-it-happen mindset has earned RPS Defense a reputation as a leading provider of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) services around the globe.
unmanned aerial vehicles - UAS services – RPS Defense
unmanned aerial vehicles - UAS services – RPS Defense
Expanding Beyond UAS Services
The RPS Defense team’s broad experience and proven track record of unparalleled service has allowed us to expand beyond UAS services into flight ops, munitions support, training, flight testing, and ISR solutions.
Our military training, combined with hundreds of thousands of hours spent executing missions, provides our team with the unique ability to deliver the kind of outcomes that customers have come to expect from RPS Defense: unparalleled service, exceptional solutions and ultimate mission success.
Throughout our rapid growth, the RPS Defense vision has remained the same…to provide our customers with the highest levels of support in pursuit of becoming the nation’s leader in comprehensive defense services.
Exceptional Results Begin with Exceptional Leaders
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